About the Creators

Benn & OzBenn Hatke and Oz Osmond have been partners in creative endeavors since 2004. Zippy Friends is their latest, but by no means only imaginative exploration! Both Benn and Oz have made their own clothes, medieval garb and Halloween costumes. They also create their own original fine art as well as write and illustrate stories (like the one they sent to friends and families as a Christmas card in 2009!)

Oz runs both the Zippy Friends Etsy shop and the Oz Art Etsy shop; the latter showcasing hand painted greeting cards, original photographs and more. Oz also likes photography and film-making. Some movies include the stop-motion animation Easter Zippy movie featured on the home page as well as the time-lapsed photography movie featured below.

Benn also blogs about his creative exploits, currently including constructing arcade controllers as well as a blood wood electric violin.

Benn and Oz live in rural New Jersey with all of their Zippy Friends.

A Day on LBI from Zippy Friends on Vimeo.