About Zippy Friends

Honeydew ZippyZippy Friends are truly unique plush creations that completely unzip to reveal soft and cuddly removable organs. Each Zippy Friend is made of super soft fleece and squishable felt organs. Since every individual Zippy Friend is lovingly made by hand, no two Zippies are alike. Even requests to repeat previous designs will differ slightly.

Zippy Friends satisfy the urge to deconstruct, explore and reconstruct (maybe in a new way every time!). Haven't you ever wanted to hide some secret message, toy or special treasure inside your favorite stuffed animal? Zippy Friends don't just let you, but encourage you to do just that!

Zippy Friends also have an extensive variety of "organs." Traditional Zippies often include brains, spinal cords, hearts, lungs, stomachs, intestines, livers, kidneys and bladders. These kids of Zippy Friends make excellent teaching tools when trying to explain "What do our insides look like?" in the cutest way possible. Some other Zippy guts you may find are tennis balls, socks, and math homework inside of Zippy Puppies while Zippy Kitties have fish, mice, and hairballs inside. You never know what you might find!

Curious how the first Zippy Friend was created? Read on!